WOD – Wednesday 2/20

Here are your AM captains and the coaches they drafted minus Kristi (plus Mila and Picca). Tom, Mandy, and Adam built a ridiculous team. Good luck AMer’s.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 quick rounds of
10 ring rows
15 monster band assisted push-ups
20t walking lunges

The Port squat mobility series

E2:00 for 10 min total
A1. Back squats – 5 reps @50 to 60%
A2. Box jumps – 3 reps; really high
*lower body speed day
So because of the Open looming and given the front squats at the beginning of the week, we are going to feature our lower body and upper body speed days back to back in the earlier part of the week. That being the case, understand the significant difference in approach when completing a speed day vs a strength day. The speed of the barbell will tell you if you have the right weight on the bar. Stay between the percentages and focus on moving the bar with speed.

Box jumps can be built within however everyone must step down.

5 rounds
10 strict pull-ups
10 strict push-ups
20 strict sit-ups
20 strict air squats
Everything should be done with integrity and virtuosity should be our number one priority. No one cares how fast you can do 100 bad push-ups. More importantly, bad push-ups don’t transfer to anything we do. Good push-ups will make you better at everything from the strict press to HSPU’s. Keep that in mind as you move through this one.
20 min time cap

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