WOD – Wednesday 2/5

3 rounds
10/8 cals on any machine
10 strict press/push press/push jerks
10 wall ball squats
10 wall ball sit-ups

Banded shoulder mobility – coaches choice

Push press –
Heavier than 12/29
The focus has been on the dip and the drive. Today, our focus is going to be on the proper rack position. There are 3.
1. The front squat rack position – where the elbows are as high as possible because going overhead is not the goal, the only priority is keeping the bar as high up on the shoulders as possible. We want the upper arm to be perfectly parallel with the ground and the angle between them and the torso to be 90 degrees. The grip on the bar will be lost all fingers.
2. The push press/jerk rack position – the bar must be in the rack position because if it into on the shoulders you a losing all the energy from the legs. But unlike the front squat rack position, we are going overhead so the elbows need to be down and to the side a bit. Think about the angle between your upper arm and your torso being cut in half, about 45 degrees. The grip on the bar should be as much of the heel of the hand as possible.
3. The strict press position – since we will not be transferring energy from our legs and hips into the barbell it does not need to find its way onto our shoulders. We should aim to have a full grip on the bar and our elbows should be slightly in front, focusing on a good bar path, never allowing them to creep behind the bar. With as much tension as possible in the upper back, there should be very little space between the torso and upper arms.

“Crate Trained”
16 min EMOM
1. 20/17 cals row
2. 50 DU’s
3. 20 HEAVY wall balls
4. Rest
Intended stimulus – Typically, with any EMOM, you are working toward twenty seconds of rest each minute. However, since the calories are a bit high in the first minute and you only have to get 50 DU’s in that second minute, you could push it a bit closer to the end and really bank on a bit more rest after the DU’s or wall balls. You will have a full minute off, so today’s EMOM rules are a bit looser.
Everyone should look to go up a wall ball today.

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