WOD – Wednesday 2/1

This Friday is the last day to sign up for the Intramural Open. Get you name on the list, so we can draft you onto a team. It’s already shaping up to be bigger and better than last year. The young coaches are so cute, thinking they have a shot at the crown. The journey to the top goes through Team Justin and the battle begins February 23rd with Open workout #1.

17.2: March 2nd
17.3: March 9th
17.4: March 16th
17.5: March 23rd

Spend 2 min in Z1
Then 2 rounds
10 deadlifts
10 bent over rows
10 strict press w/stretch at the top

Banded shoulder mobility – stretch it out and prep for the strength

A1. Push press – build up to a heavy triple
A2. Pull-up endurance – 3 ME sets of kipping or butterfly
*2 reps short of failure each time
Not so much a strength piece, but more of an endurance piece. Go big here, but stay away from failure. Use bands if needed, substitute ring rows. Whatever you need. Both kipping and butterfly are allowed.

“Finger Licking Good”
:40 of work/:20 of rest
Cals on AB
Cals on rower
Rest 1:00 between rounds, x4
Time-oriented workout, very Fight Gone Bad feel. Basically work your ass off for :40 and then you have :20 to switch stations. Rest after going through all 4 rounds, then repeat for 4 rounds total. Score at the end is going to be total reps for each round. So grab a white board.

Cool Down
Spend 5 min with a lax ball on the shoulders

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