WOD – Wednesday 3/20

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, progressing warm-up with a barbell; coach led.

Hamstings and front rack

Power clean – 5 min EMOM working up past the weight you plan on using in WOD
The goal is to complete 3 power cleans every minute but they must be dropped and they must be done every :10. Find a weight that makes that lifting format challenging.
Simple lifting session meant to prep the body for the WOD. Get warmed up to something moderate and then add in the EMOM to find what weight you want to use in the workout. Again, we are lifting every :10 and we are dropping every rep, exactly how it should be done in the WOD.

Really good time to reinforce the work we have been doing in the catch position. Shoulders, hips, knees, and feet. It is something we have devoted a great deal of time to work on.

“Hause Power”
Every 5:00, x5
60 DU’s
400m row
5 power cleans (205/145#)(185/125#)(155/105#)
*round 2, substitute 5 really high box jumps (must jump up, must step down)
Alternate between cleans and box jumps.
So round one will end with 5 really heavy power cleans and round 2 will end with 5 really high box jumps (30/24”). Round 3 will go back to power cleans and round 4 will finish with more box jumps. The 5th round will be power cleans once again. The goal is to control the cardio aspect of this WOD so you can still produce a good amount of power at the end of each round. Be smart here but also push yourself with weights and heights.

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