WOD – Wednesday 3/15

1. March madness is here and once again Tom Mita has done the duties of setting up the CrossFit Portsmouth bracket challenge. If you’d like to take part, simply follow the link provided and join before the tournament starts

$5 buy in. Winner take all. There’s an envelope on Sophie’s desk for the buy in $. Please write your name on the envelope so we know that you’ve paid.
Password: spartan.


2. PortFit’s next session of specialty courses starts this week with my version of circuit training. PortX still has a few am spots available if you’re interested. We are going to have a blast and hopefully learn a little about pacing while we build our aerobic engines. Hope to see you there.

3. I am going to post a very specific, detailed accessory work session on Mondays/Wednesdays and Fridays or Saturdays for those of you who want a little more post class. We will be freeing up a little time in class to allow for everything to get it’s deserved time. Which means much less A1/A2 strengths, with more fun stuff to partake in after everything is said and done.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then 2 rounds
20r walking lunges
10 push-ups
5 inchworms
:30 glute bridge hold

Banded shoulder, ankle and hamstrings

Split jerk – find a heavy double, then find a heavy single
Mark your feet, if you are new to or unsure of this movement consider staying light and working on form. More experienced athletes can go nuts.

“Turn it up”
1:00 at each station at 100%
Cals on bike
Rest 3:00, x3
Interval work for the week. Score is reps per round.

Accessory Work
Banded high pulls – 3×20
Half kneeling high to low wood choppers – 3x20t (10L/10R)

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