WOD – Wednesday 4/3

Our April monthly challenge is back and we are going to bring it this month. Murph is coming up and coming up fast. This month’s challenge is to complete the work of a half Murph each week. This can be split up however you want over the course of the seven days. The goal is to complete 1 mile worth of running, 50 pull-ups, 100 push-ups, and 150 air squats. If you complete your half Murph, add your name to the whiteboard with a check for week one. Each week

If you are someone who wants to add running in with a little purpose behind it, look into our endurance program. It is a 6-week programming cycle that helps you work on your engine and it has been written using a rower and a bike, but could be modified to incorporate running instead.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 2 rounds with a DB
10 strict press left
10 strict press right
10 OH lunges left
10 OH lunges right
10 sit-ups

Light band mobility
Little cat/cow action

A1. Strict press – 5×5; building
A2. Bent over rows – 5x10e; across
Did you know how balanced your programming has to be to not only keep you growing but also to keep you healthy. At the end of every week the amount of times you hinge, squat, press, pull and carry all needs to be done in a very specific ratio. Even more importantly typical CrossFit programming includes a ton of vertical pressing and pulling. Think about it, a vertical press is anytime you take a weight from your shoulders to overhead. Presses, jerks, and things like HSPU’s. Vertical pulling is the opposite movement and is typically demonstrated by a pull-up. However, in order to keep your shoulders healthy, you should be pressing and pulling horizontally THREE times for every ONE time you press/pull vertically. Which is why things like bent over rows, banded pull-aparts, face pulls and lighter DB benching are all so important and play a major role in your programming and will always be included in your accessory work at The Port.

“Stoved Up”
4 rounds
1000/800m row
100 DU’s
Long and paced. Low intensity work is where we build our aerobic engine. So come out of the gate on a leash and stay focused on maintaining a good pace. Round 1 and round 4 should look exactly the same, always the goal. If double under’s are still a skill that needs work then you are going to be capped at 2 minutes. Meaning you have to do some sort of single/double combo for 2 minutes. Singles are not allowed today unless you are new to CrossFit or have a doctors note.

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