WOD – Wednesday 4/19

Don’t forget, informational meeting tonight from 5-7for the Lurong challenge. Stop by at any point for some food and a little talk on how 5 weeks of dedication can make lifelong changes.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
5 bear complex w/push press as S2OH
5 bear complex w/push jerk as S2OH

Set up a barbell on a rack
Tricep smash and stretch
Standing child’s pose
Sink stretch

Push Jerk – find a heavy triple
Please make sure while you are warming up, you are really dialing in the positions of the push jerk. Footwork needs to be perfect, the head must be through, and your shoulders should be super active. Even while you are climbing in weight, demanding perfection in warm-up sets will help when you get to more challenging weights.

E3:00 for 15:00 total (5 rounds)
15/10 cals on AB
10 box jumps
15 Russian KBS (70/53#)(53/35#)
Interval work for the week. You should be getting anywhere between :45 to :15 off each round. If you let your ego get the best of you, and don’t scale properly, you won’t make it through this one.

Accessory work
Pull-up program – Week 3
3 sets of the following strict pull-up work.
Rest :60 between each set, and each exercise.
The sets are based on your capability, so think between 3-6 reps for each.
1. Normal grip strict pull-ups, x3
2. Close grip chin-ups, x3
3. Wide grip (chin-up or pull-up), x3
*so 3 sets of each one, 3-6 reps each set. That means 9 sets total and anywhere between 27-54 total reps.

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