WOD – Wednesday 5/1

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
10/8/6 deadlifts
10/8/6 bent over rows
10/8/6 S2OH
5 inchworms w/opposite toes touch

OH prep with either light band or Monster band

Push jerk – 5×3 @80-85% of 4/9, E2:00
*build off last week
Last week of this one. Make sure you have been building week to week on this one, even if that means just a little bit. This week is really pushing the boundaries of weight on the bar and rep scheme. So be confident in the work you have put in, rely on the performance cues that your coaches have given you and hold yourself accountable to form over all else.

“Not Today”
60 wall balls
50t DB snatches (50/35#)(40/25#)
40 wall balls
30t DB snatches
20 wall balls
10t DB snatches
This is classic couplet with complimentary movements, meaning they are pretty much the opposite of each other. The wall ball is a lower body and an upper body push, while the DB snatch is a hinging movement with an upper body pull. That being the case, they really shouldn’t fatigue each other so you can really push the pace here. The only thing that might slow you down is your breathing and HR. Be aware of that and constantly try to manage it before it gets out of control.

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