WOD – Wednesday 5/15

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then grab a monster band and complete 2 to 3 rounds of
10 plank walks left
10 plank walks right
10 push-ups with 2 shoulder tapes
10 ring rows

Quick shoulder mobility

A1. Bench press – 4×6
A2. Strict pull-ups – 4 rounds of 2 big sets of unweighted, strict pull-ups
*ninjas should work on strict C2B
We have been working on what good form in the bench press looks like. Just because you are laying down, doesn’t mean you can sleep on being tight and engaging the big muscles. Here even though we are horizontally pressing, the big muscles are still your glutes and hamstrings.
– squeeze the glutes and get the lower back off the bench
– plant the feet on the ground and drive through the heels
– pull the shoulder blades down towards your butt

Today it isn’t about adding weight to the pull-ups but completing as many as we can during the strength portion of the class. Each time you approach the rig, you should complete 2 sub-max effort sets. So stay away from failure, but to complete as many as you can, rest :30 and then complete another set. If you can, pull that bar a little bit lower and work on strict C2B today.

“A little bit stronger”
Med ball clean (20/14#)
Med ball sit-ups
This is one where simple, human movement is at center stage. Hold yourself accountable to moving like you were meant to move. Which means moving well.

The med ball clean is something that if done right, will help you transfer power from hip extension into another object. When could that ever be useful, in real life and in the gym? Think about it, getting better at moving weight by practicing with something light. Opportunities to continue to improve

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