WOD – Wednesday 5/29

You might have noticed that there was no PortComplete this week. It is going to be back next week in full force. Given how hard you all worked to prep for Murph, taking it easy this week and refocusing for June 1st might help you really prioritize your time spent inside and outside the gym.

3 rounds
100m shuttle run
20 air squats
10 ring rows
5 opposite toe touch inchworms

The Port Squat mobility

Back squat – 1×5@75%, 1×3@85% and then 1×1+@95%
We have been doing a 5/3/1 cycle for the back squat the last 4 weeks. This is the culmination of the first cycle. After today, we will make a few adjustments and repeat the last 4 weeks with slightly different numbers. Take what your body is giving and put the right weight on the bar. See if you can hit this weeks numbers and use it as a test to move forward and hopefully upward.

Again, If we are spotting the back squat, we need to be confident in our approach. It is ok to tell someone that you do to want that responsibility. Find someone who is will to get right under the armpits to not only help the person up but prevent them from coming forward. If you prefer, ask two people to help, but make sure you communicate with each of them. Do not simply assume that they will pick the bar off your back when things start to go south. Discuss keywords and have a good understanding of what’s going to happen and when.

If the weight is something you truly might not be able to pick up, get comfortable with bailing behind you.

“For Queen and Country”
400m run
30 cal row
20 burpees
Rest 3:00, x3
Each section of this WOD should be treated as an individual WOD where you are trying to achieve two things. One, you are obviously trying to get the fastest time possible based on you and your capabilities. But two, you are trying to be consistent across all three rounds. Going out at 100% probably won’t be the best strategy but finding a pace you can maintain will be. Keep in mind you get 3 minutes off after each round so some recovery will help.

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