WOD – Wednesday 5/24

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 2 rounds
10 strict press/push press
15 sit-ups
20t lunges
:25 HS hold (nose and toes)

Banded shoulder mobility

Push press wave – 3.2.1, x 3
Work up to a really heavy single here. Discuss and plan your attack on these waves. Thinking about these final waves, good form will make or break the heavy reps. Anytime we go overhead there are two rules that we must prioritize;
1. The bar must move in a straight line.
2. We must focus on starting and finishing in a ‘stacked’ position.
Today our main focus is that second one. Starting with the bar on the shoulders, in the bottom of the dip and drive, and finished locked out overhead, the hips must be over the ankles, the shoulders must be over the hips and the wrists should be over the shoulders. Ensuring that is the case creates the most efficient mechanics and therefore allows you to hit more weight. Tuck your ribs down, lean back into the dip and drive that bar straight over your head. Try to hold yourself accountable to these two rules, and see what happens during your waves.
Our L1 seminar is so good at breaking this movement down.

“Yellow Cab”
Cals on the rower
OHS (115/75#)(95/75#)
Burpee box jumps (24/20″)
CrossFit. Fun.

Accessory Work
Pull-up program – Week 8
3 sets of the following strict pull-up work.
Rest :60 between each set, and each exercise.
The sets are based on your capability, so think between 3-6 reps for each.
1. Normal grip strict pull-ups, x3
2. Close grip chin-ups, x3
3. Wide grip (chin-up or pull-up), x3
*so 3 sets of each one, 3-6 reps each set. That means 9 sets total and anywhere between 27-54 total reps.

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