WOD – Wednesday 5/3

PortFit gymnastics class starts this Thursday with an 8am and 5:15pm time slot. Get on the list, it’s going to be killer.

Also, Coach Conner’s family is opening a mini donut shop in York this Saturday and Sunday. Let’s show our support and buy them out of donuts. If anyone would like more information, go talk to the donut prince himself.

Before we gorge ourselves on mini gourmet donuts, let’s earn them.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds with light KB’s
Farmer carry – down & back length of gym
Waiter carry – down & back length of gym (switch arms 1/2 way)
10 Russian KBS
10 goblet squats
5 Inchworms with down & up dogs

Set up a barbell and work through 3 stretches
Standing child’s pose
Sink stretch
Bully stretch

Strict press – find a heavy single
Push press – find a heavy double
Spending time with both lifts and picking up with the push press where you left off on the strict press. In a vacuum, under perfect conditions, you should be able to push press 30% more than you can strict press. With that in mind, you should shoot to hit 15 to 25% more weight for a double push press than you hit for a single strict press.

“Choose your own ending…”
1 mile run
80 burpees
*split up the work however you want, just get it done.
This can be done however you want, and some strategies are much better than others. For example, doing it as two huge sets would be a big mistake. Think about a run that you can pace well, come in and get some burpees done. Your pace should never slow, when it does, think about switching exercises. All burpees must be done inside the gym, no ghost burpees done during your runs.

Accessory Work
Pull-up program – Week 5
1-3 pull-ups E:30 for ALAP
*create a sustainable EMOM
Thinking about staying alive for around 5:00, how many pull-ups can you do E:30 for 5:00?

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