WOD – Wednesday 6/27

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
10 banded good mornings
15 air squats
:20 hollow hold

Posterior chain prep for the deadlits

Deadlift – 5×3; each set a little heavier than the previous.
Before you begin this strength session, let’s take a step back and invest in the basics of the movement. The deadlift is easily the most functional of all the lifts. Being able to safely pick something up off the floor is second to none in the real world. The big muscles responsible for moving the weight are the hamstrings and glutes, not the lower back. Perfect movement is found in the hinging of the hips. So start light and make sure every piece is perfect before loading the bar with tons of weight.

“Lap Dog”
5 rounds
400m run
3/2 rope climbs
Even more than the deadlift, form is the main priority in the rope climb.
Footwork is the most important piece. Meaning if your footwork isn’t perfect and you burn your legs in you rope climbs, take a step back practice before the clock starts.
1. The knotted rope.
2. 3 pull-ups using the short ropes to work on footwork. Make them shake out their feet between each rep so they have to redo the footwork.
3. 3 pulls (ring row, piked row, pull-up) + 3 hanging hinges (hanging knee raises, T2B)

Accessory Work
Banded ab pull-downs – accumulate 100
Banded woodchoppers – accumulate 60e

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