WOD – Wednesday 6/21

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, PVC mobility as a class
CFP snatch warm-up

Snatch – E:90 for 9:00 total
Warm-up and start around 65%.
Just an all-American snatch. You can choose to go squat/power, stay across or build. Think about what would help you improve your technique and stick with it. Force yourselves out of their comfort zones. Some one who wants to learn how to squat snatch shouldn’t continue to wuss out and build in a power snatch.

1 round; AFAP
1200m run
150 DU’s
100 sit-ups
You can’t do double under’s than 1 attempt for every 10 singles is a pretty good compromise. Or work on your single, single, double technique for a bit, you cannot do all singles today. However, you must do 300 singles.

Accessory Work
Spend a couple minutes stretching those calves
Banded pull-throughs – accumulate 100
Banded pull-aparts – accumulate 100

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