WOD – Wednesday 7/17

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
100m run
10 DB hang cleans
10 DB S2OH

Quick mobility session

The Dball clean
The Dball clean is a very functional movement because not everything we pick up in real life is as convenient as a balanced barbell. It is done similar to a barbell clean, but because the object is a little awkward, we need to modify a few things.
1. Put the object in your center of mass. Meaning use your ankles as a point of reference and cut the dball directly in half.
2. Approach the ball by bringing your butt down to a clean position, keep your back relatively flat but because the Dball sits a little lower than a barbell you might round slightly. This round should be removed as you start to pull so no shearing forces will be applied to the back.
3. Get under the ball with your forearms and drive through your heels to start to move the ball towards your hips. Once you get the ball past your knees, sit down with it and regrip.
4. Explosively open your hips and drive the ball over the shoulder.

“Wake Up Call”
5 rounds
1:00 at each station
Farmers carry (70/53#)
Dball clean (150/100#)
S2OH (115/75#)(95/65#)
Box jump overs (24/20”)
Ski erg
Everyone should get a chance to Dball clean and ski erg. You might have to rotate to a rower for a round or two, but for the most part, groups should fit into each station. Not a very high-intensity workout because in order to keep moving, you cannot ever really move that fast. Make sure you understand the overall goal so you can scale and plan accordingly.

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