WOD – Wednesday 7/24

3 rounds
10/8 cals AB
12/10/8 S2OH
*reps overhead decrease as the movement evolves; strict press, push press, push jerk

Quick banded shoulder mobility

10 min to find a heavy weight in the following complex;
1 press + 2 push press + 3 push jerks
Just like the the warm-up evolved, this strength will evolve. The limiting factor will clearly be the strict press, but the 2nd push press and 3rd push jerk will be no joke. Stay tight through the core and really emphasize the role the legs play. During your push jerks make sure to not only drive hard with the legs, but get under the bar in the catch.

“Rinse and Repeat”
20 min AMRAP
400m run
20 S2OH (135/95#)(115/75#)
40 DU’s
1:00 rest between rounds
An AMRAP with rest, and yes you have to take a full minute, it is not up for negotiation even if it means getting a better score. The reason you are getting a rest is to help you push the run. Try to get your breathing under control and get your heart rate down so you can go harder on the run then you normally would in the middle of a workout.

Those S2OH are heavy and there are a lot of them, so 2 to 3 sets with a short rest between will be you best approach even in the beginning. If you have to scale the weight, do so to something challenging that still maintains the set and rep scheme above. Do not go to something so light that you go unbroken. You will be off the bar far too quickly.

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