WOD – Wednesday 7/31

3 rounds
200m run
15 sit-ups
10 light wall balls

Quick group mobility session

“Trail by Fire”
Every 15:00 for 30:00 total
60/50 cals bike
50/40 cals row
400m run
30/20 cals ski
2 rounds to this workout with a built-in rest, hopefully. You want at least 2 to 3 minutes of time to recover and prep for the second time through. That means if the workload is too much, simply cut it down in order to finish before the 13-minute mark. The second goal to this workout is for the completion time of round 1 and round 2 to look exactly the same. You do not want to set a pace that you cannot reproduce. Push the first round, but be smart and save some for round 2.

A1. DB strict press – 4×8
A2. DB bent over row – 4x8e
Not accessory work, not optional. Finish the WOD, recover a bit and get after this lifting session. It is your strict push and pull for the week, so make sure you allocate the time to make it deliberate, focused session with challenging weights.

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