WOD – Wednesday 8/15

3 things…
1. Beach WOD, this Saturday at Jenness Beach. Be there by 8, WODding by 8:30.
2. #theportoutside has been so much fun to watch, keep it up.
3. New PortFit to start in Septemeber. Do not sleep on this one, it is going to hurt. Details to follow.

3 rounds of increasing intensity
200m row
15 wall balls (light)
10 ring rows

Quick shoulder blast on the rig
Active hang
Partner shoulder stretch
Scap push-ups
Kip swings

The kip and how it applies to the pull-up.
Come in with an open mind and work on getting better at a very misunderstood movement.
Even the best can work on efficiency and positioning.

“Honey to-do”
50 pull-ups
50 wall balls (20/14#)
100/80 cals row
50 wall balls (20/14#)
50 pull-ups
Just a grind. Do not let the large sets intimidate you. Have a plan and start chipping away. The pull-ups and wall balls should take around the same time, so if you have to start going to really small sets on the pull-ups, have a scaling option ready. The row will take a bit of time, so when you get there think about it like a long run, just start moving, find a pace and control your breathing. There is going to be a 25 min time cap so stay present and check off rep by rep.

Accessory Work
Banded tricep puish-downs – accumulate 100t
Perfect push-ups – accumulate 80

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