WOD – Wednesday 8/21

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
5e half kneeling shoulder CARS against the wall
10 banded wall slides
10e SA DB strict press
:20 HS hold

Strict press – 5×3; all sets of 3 should be done AHAP
In order to do the grand things well, you must be able to do the simple things well. If you want to get better at the split jerk or push jerk, you must perfect the strict press. Often faults in the basic movements are magnified as the movements progress and get more and more dynamic. If you cannot keep a straight bar path when you strict press, do you think that will change when you have to dip, drive and push yourself under a bar? If your ribs float when pressing, how bad do you think it will be when you land in a lunge position with 2x the weight overhead?

Today is an opportunity to get stronger, but also to work on doing the small things well. Keep the ribs down, brace the core and drive the bar overhead in a straight line.

“High Expectations”
3 rounds
200m run
50’ hand stand walk
200m row
25 push-ups
200m DB farmers carry (50/35#)
*ninjas make the push-ups deficit w/45# plate
**20 min cap
There is a lot to this one. Taking the monostructural movements out, the run, the row and the farmers carry, which will be hard enough, but there is still a high skill gymnastic movement and a shoulder endurance bodyweight movement, both of which will have something to say about the other. Go too hard on the push-ups and the HS walks will be way harder than they already are. So come ready with a plan, understand your limitations and scale whatever you need to so that you can maintain a pace while preserving the integrity of the stimulus.

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