WOD – Wednesday 8/7

2 rounds
300/250m row
15 ring rows
15 banded pull-aparts

Banded shoulder mobility – coaches choice

Weighted pull-up – find a 3RM
5 to 7 sets of…
3 to 5 pull-ups
3 to 5 negatives
5 to 10 ring rows
Find a rep scheme and progression that is going to make you work hard and get a little bit better at a very difficult movement. No bands or low bars today, all work on the big rig. No matter what option you go with, or what rep scheme you pick, today is about understanding that the pull-up is one of the hardest moves there is and we all can do something to get a little better at them.

“See Saw”
With a buddy, AFAP
100/80 cals row
150 sit-ups
100 KBS (70/53#)(53/35#)
150 sit-ups
100/80 cals row
Partner WOD on a Wednesday?! One time through with you and your buddy splitting the work however you desire. Only one of you can be working at a time ad you can only have one rower and one KB.

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