WOD – Wednesday 8/17

Come in and start with a lax ball on the shoulders – 2 min each side
Lax ball on the achilles – 1 min each side
Then, PVC game for Z1
2 rounds before shoulder mobility
10 dislocates
10 OHS
10 steps of duck walks forward and backwards

Banded shoulder mobility

A1. Push jerk – find a heavy set of 5 + 1×5@90%
A2. Weighted pull-ups – find a 3RM + 1×3@90%
Rest as needed between sets

“Cindy’s cousins best friend’s brother once ran this race”
4 rounds
400m run
20 squats
15 push-ups
10 pull-ups
*this is a nice paced aerobic workout, find a pace and stay in it. Sustainability is the name of the game here. Complete opposite of Monday’s workout

Accessory Work
GHD sit-ups – 3×10
GHD back ext. – 3×10

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