WOD – Wednesday 8/2

Coach Chad using his fitness in the most fantastic way possible.

Day 2 of the push-up challenge, how’d day one go?

The Port OH mobility warm-up
Spend 2 minutes in Z1
20 banded pull-aparts
Foam roll the lats – 1:00 each side
10 chicken wings each side
Then, w/a DUMBBELL 2 rounds each side
6 bent-over rows
6 push press
6 barbell bicep curls

Push press – 3×8; must be heavier than week 3 (7/12)
Look to Wodify and build a plan. The harder you work week to week, the more results you’ll see when we retest this lift.

“Time to Throw”
Wall balls (20/14#)
Cals on rower
Try to break this up as little as possible. Big sets of the wall balls won’t ruin the row. Might get you breathing heavy, but you can work through that. Right?

Accessory Work
Banded face pulls – accumulate 80
Banded tricep push downs – accumulate 80

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