WOD – Wednesday 9/26

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
15 air squats
10 push-ups
5 ring rows or strict pull-ups

Full mobility blast to prep for strength

E:90 for 12 min (8 sets)
1. HSPU or a progression
2. Pull-up or progression
Perform a sub-max effort set per :90 block. Alternate between push and pull.
Stay strict for both movements, or scale to a progression that allows you to complete full ROM.

Today we are really going to look at the scaling options we use for these two gymnastics movements. Since they are such difficult pull and pushes, we need to replace them with just that and preferably in the same plane of movement. So if you cannot do RX pull-ups, we are going to sub in 3 negatives and then a sub-max set of scaled pulls. But you must use the seated pull-ups, not ring rows. For the HSPU’s, complete 3 negatives and then a sub-max set of seated DB strict press. This way we are forcing ourselves on the bar, or upside down and then completing some full ROM gymnastics strength work.

“Fire Drill”
5 rounds
25 burpees
25/20 cal row
Mental fortitude WOD of the week. Who is ok with work. Head down and get it done. Who wants to finish this one?!

Accessory Work
Bodybuilding session
3 rounds
10 SA banded tricep push-downs
12 DB hammer curls
14 weighted sit-ups

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