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WOD – Sunday 12/15

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 2 rounds
20t walking lunges
10 hanging knee tucks
10 close grip push-ups

Quick group mobility session

3 or 4 rounds
10 ring dips
:15 ring support hold
1:00 weighted plank hold
20 weighted sit-ups

“Rogue Wave”
Cals row
Walking lunges
Intended stimulus – You will find a way to control your breathing and heart rate in the lunges so you could really push the row. The idea that difficulty is relative to the person is undeniable. What is harder to accept is that difficulty is ultimately dependent on your effort and your standards. Use this workout as a reminder of that. You could simply shut your brain off and go through the motions or you could decide on how you will attack this workout so you walk away a better athlete. Each movement is relatively low skill and non-threatening but if you are not a good rower, push the row. If your single-leg strength is a weakness, push the lunges. At the end of this workout, you will find a different intensity because of it and force yourself to get better in the process.

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Often half the battle towards a healthier lifestyle is finding the right social group to help motivate you.  The community at our gym in Portsmouth is what sets The Port apart from most other fitness options.

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