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WOD – Friday 7/10

3 rounds
:30 jumping rope
20t lunges
15 sit-ups

All tracks
A1. Back rack reverse lunges – 4x16t
A2. Strict T2B – 4×10
A1 is done with a barbell on your back, like a back squat. So pull from a rack.

3 min AMRAP
200m run
50 DU’s
Max burpees in the time remaining
Rest 1:00 between, x4
Fathom – Shorter intervals, but a moderate overall time domain.
Gear – It is easy to look at the 3 minutes and get baited into a pace much faster then you are capable of sustaining. 3 minutes of work, 1 minute of rest for one round, however since it is 4 rounds total, today’s workout has 12 working minutes. Be cautious.
Knots – if the DU’s are what’s going to throw you off, try to complete as many as you can in 1:00. Do not let them take too long or frustrate you too much.
Current – all self-contained.

3 min AMRAP
200m run
12/10 cals AB
Max burpees in the time remaining
Rest 1:00 between, x4

P@YP option
Sub 50 mountain climbers or toe taps for DU’s

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Often half the battle towards a healthier lifestyle is finding the right social group to help motivate you.  The community at our gym in Portsmouth is what sets The Port apart from most other fitness options.

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