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The Port is a group strength training gym in Portsmouth, focused on the CrossFit method. Our training is delivered by passionate, caring coaches who foster our life-changing community. We pride ourselves on the open and welcoming atmosphere to people of all athletic abilities.

Our gym offers complete and modern facilities with tons of class times to fit busy schedules.

Our members are engaged, supporting, and committed to healthier lifestyles. They will help push you and hold you accountable for your goals.


WOD – Tuesday 3/20

2 things, don’t forget.
1. Next session of PortFit is PortSwole. People who sign up will receive an email on Sunday night that will include 3 days of programming. Feel free to come to class, warm-up with a class and then break off during the strength to complete your assignments. Each day will focus on the beach body muscles with an aim to take a break from the high impact “CrossFit” movements. Each session will be between 30 to 45 minutes and can be done together or by yourself. If you are interested, shoot us an email to save your spot.
2. This Friday we will close out the 2018 CrossFit Open season with a Friday night lights. From 4 to 6 we will be running heats of 18.5, then finish the night off with a few adult beverages. Come do the workout, judge, or even hang out and help keep the beers cold. See you then!

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
5 inchworms no push-ups
10 push-ups
5 strict pull-ups or 10 ring rows
10 OHS

Banded shoulder mobility

A1. SA KB push press – 4x10e w/:01 pause in the lockout
A2. SA bent over rows – 4x8e
*both AHAP
So single arm, KB push press with a pause in the lockout. So we can work on strength and stability at the same time. Such a great opportunity to focus how to finish a lift over your head. Everything must be stacked. Bell over your shoulders, shoulders over the hips, and hips over the heels. Ribcage must be down so that the spine isn’t over extended and the head should be slightly pushed through.

“The Last Straw”
American KBS
Cals AB
The good ‘ol ascending rep scheme. Such a battle mentally, but the movements are not that technically difficult so you should be able to continue to move.

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Often half the battle towards a healthier lifestyle is finding the right social group to help motivate you.  The community at our gym in Portsmouth is what sets The Port apart from most other fitness options.

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