WOD – Tuesday 10/2

How did everyone’s goals go last month? Some of the people I talked to did an awesome job focusing a little time every day towards a very specific goal, some of those people achieved that goal while others did not. Some abandoned the mission altogether.

If you worked on your goal every day but did not achieve it, that simply meant you reached a little too high. But focused attention on something that excites you is never wasted time. Think about continuing to work on it and maybe meet with a coach to see if you’re in the right direction.

Two people I want to give a shout out to was Bob M. and Matt D. Both came to me with the September goal of breaking a specific time in the lumberjack. We met several times during the month to go over a plan of action, work on rep and set schemes and come up with a pretty good pacing plan.

Both destroyed their expectations, landing them both on the podium with Bob taking 3rd and Matt taking 2nd in their age group. Just really hard work paying off. I know a ton of others followed through and should be really proud. Nice job on that.

October we are going to try to take advantage of the last shreds of running weather. So, this months challenge is complete as many 400m runs as possible through the end of October.
The goal this month is to see how far you can run. To score things we’re keeping track of the overall distance by the number of 400m runs completed. Each 400m run counts as 1 tick mark (a mile counts as 4).

Any runs done during a programmed class (warm-up or workout) DO NOT count. Come in and warm up with a few 400’s, cool down with a few 400’s or even come do a running recovery WOD. They must be done at the gym, before or after class starts (Z1 time doesn’t count) and you must record your own score each time. How far do you think we can run as a gym?

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
20 air squats
10 ring rows
5 inchworms into 2 scorpions

Squat mobilty as a class

Back squat – 3×5*; Everyone is going to go to sets of 5 with that last set being a max effort set in which you must hit 5 or more. Using last week as a baseline, if you were still in your 8’s you should add between 10 and 20#. If you were in your 5’s or going to be in your 5’s this week, you should add 5 to 10#. All of the same rules apply.

“Do you love me?”
3 min AMRAP
9 push press (95/65#)(75/55#)
9 air squats
9 pull-ups
Rest 1:00, x3
Simple here. Great format to push the pace but scaling must be done with consideration. If the movement is too difficult or too complex and it forces you to slow down too much, there isn’t enough time to make up the intensity. So air on the side of caution. Ring rows or seated pull-ups would be an awesome scale in a WOD this fast.

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