WOD – Tuesday 11/1

Day 2 of #burpeesforbreaths The CFP community pledges to perform 7 burpees (for the 7th chromosome) for 18 days (for more than half the CF population now being over 18 years old) in our support [...]

WOD – Monday 10/31

Happy Halloween Best costume contest will be going on in every class today. Who can not only rock it, but who can WOD in it? CrossFit Portsmouth joins #burpeesforbreaths & pledges to perform [...]

WOD – Sunday 10/30

Warm-up Dynamic warm-up; coach led Focus on warming the body and prepping for the WOD Include plyometric movements as well as full range dynamic drills Mobility 4 minutes of banded mobility WOD [...]

Saturday – 10/29

Warm-up Spend 2 min in Z1, then 4 rounds each of TABATA -plank hold in push up position -hollow hold on pull up bar -KB hold in bottom of squat Mobility Start w/a lax ball on your shoulders Then, [...]

WOD – Friday 10/28

There has been a huge shift in the fitness world to encompass more of a functional level of fitness. You can see it happening where ever you used to go for your daily dose of physical activity. [...]

WOD – Thursday 10/27

Let’s talk about today’s grunt work that’s scheduled. Something that best mimics the everyday work we have to do as a part of our lives. Yard work, cleaning and organizing, [...]

WOD – Wednesday 10/26

Warm Up Plank Slam: 4:00 AMRAP 1 partner holds plank while the other does 10 slam balls. Switch after every set. *slam balls mean slam balls, not drop balls Mobility Set up your bar for your push [...]

**WOD – Team Series Week 7**

This week is going to be fast and high skill combined. It’s the second to last week, so crush this one and finish this 8 weeks out strong. Done as a relay race. As soon as the person in [...]

WOD – Tuesday 10/25

On Tuesdays we are going to start incorporating unilateral work. Something that CrossFit doesn’t prioritize as much as it used to. Working the sides of your body independently is very [...]

WOD – Monday 10/24

Warm Up :20 Jumping Jacks :10 Rest :20 High Knees :10 Rest :20 Butt Kickers :10 Rest :20 Lunges :10 Rest :20 Jumping Squats 1:00 Rest, X2 Mobility Box Stretches – plus smashing of hammies [...]

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