Burn – Friday 9/13

5 min AMRAP
10/8 cals AB
10 DB deadlifts
10 step-ups

Box mobility

Burn Strength
10 min EMOM
Evens – 15 banded DB deadlifts; hold in lockout position for rest of minute
Odds – 20t plank up/downs
The band will go around each DB and then under your feet. Working on a good lockout position will be the focus here because the resistance will make it really hard at the top. Once you are done with your 15th deadlift, stand up and hold a good locked out position.

Burn WOD
3 rounds
100′ walking lunge
20/16 cals AB
200m farmers carry (53’s/35’s)
30 sit-ups
20 min cap
Grunt work. Keep your head down and work through it.

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