Burn – Monday 7/29

Grab a monster band and a buddy
8 min EMOM
Min 1 – 10/8 cals AB
Min 2 – 20 banded air squats
Alternate rounds with your partner

Squat mobility session

CF Strength
Burn Strength
12 min EMOM
Evens – 10 KB front rack squats
Odds – :45 wall sit holding a wall ball

“South Side”
10 min AMRAP
2000m row
Max effort goblet squats with time remaining
Long row here. Finding and settling into a pace is key. Here are some tips…
1. Set realistic goals for the row. That doesn’t mean seeing how long you can hold onto a specific pace. Try to think about something you can maintain over the course fo the row.
2. Break the row into 3 separate benchmarks.
The first 500m: the fastest part of the row, come out hot and hold something faster then you think you can hold
The middle 1000m: slow your stroke rate way down and settle into something you CAN hold. Think about the first 500m and the middle 1000m being between :04 and :08 different in pacing.
The last 500m: pick up the pace a little bit, but not much until you have between 300 and 200m left. Then it’s pretty much all out.
With whatever time you have left, pick up a kettlebell and complete as many goblet squats as you can. Really push this one, it’s only 10 minutes.

1. Body Building – 4 rounds
8e half kneeling, single arm strict press; other arm holds DB in rack position
10e single arm ring rows
8 narrow grip incline bench press
10e bent over row
2. Banded work – accumulate 100
Banded face pulls
Paloff press
3. Interval work – 6/8/10 minutes (start with 6 min, add min every week done. This will evolve for you)
:30 hard/:30 easy on the ski erg
4. Gymnastics – T2B or C2B endurance cycle
Start with 3 sets of 10
A. T2B: complete 3 sets of 10 reps unbroken AFAP
B. C2B: complete 3 sets of 10 reps unbroken AFAP
5. Core work – complete with low intensity
8 min on AB
Every 2:00, hop off and complete…
20 dual leg lift overs

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