Burn – Tuesday 11/5

3 rounds for quality
12/10 cals row
10 step-ups
8 hanging knee tucks
6 wall balls

Quick group mobility session

Burn WOD
“Early Learning”
Alternate between A and B, complete 3 rounds of each
A. 4 min AMRAP
6 laying KB tow touches
9 box jumps
12 wall balls
Rest 1:00
B. 4 min running clock
500m row
ME burpees to a plate
Rest 1:00
Intended stimulus – Long WOD for the week. 30 full minutes on the clock with some rest in between. You will be working for 4 minutes at a time, so think about yesterday’s intensity and turn it down one notch. Think around 80% of your max throttle.

You will complete A and then complete B, repeating this until you have completed 3 rounds of each.
A is an all-out AMRAP, trying to get as many rounds as possible in 4 minutes. Make sure you find a scaling option that doesn’t slow you down because you must find a way to keep moving the entire time. Like we worked on Monday, looking at the big picture means it isn’t a 4 minute workout, rather a 30 minutes one. Remember that.
B will ask you to complete a row and then accumulate as many burpees over the rower as possible. You are getting a minute off, but if you go too hard on these burpees, no amount of time will help you recover. So find a decent pace in the row and be realistic during the burpees. Be smart.

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