Burn – Tuesday 5/21

Short dynamic warm-up and joint mobility
Then, 3 rounds of increasing weight and intensity
:30 on the AB
15 Russian KBS

Burn Strength
4 rounds
400m run
20 unbroken Russian KBS (AHAP)
Rest 1:30
This one is fairly straight forward. You want each round to be a high effort interval. Make the KB’s heavy and really use the hips to move the bell.

Burn WOD
20 min EMOM
Evens – 20/18/16/14/12/10 cals AB
Odds – 1 round of
10 push-ups
10 ring rows
10 air squats
*make this difficult, yet sustainable for you. Calories per round should be something that you work hard to achieve in the first :45 of each minute, give yourself time to recover.

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