Burn – Tuesday 6/25

Spend 2 min in Z1
Then, 2 rounds
:20 HS hold
10 ring rows
:20 hollow hold
10 strict press/push press

Banded shoulder mobility

Burn Strength
A1. DB push press – 5x8e
A2. DB bent over row – 5x6e
The push press is a leg movement disguised as a should movement. Get the bar into a solid rack position, dip straight down and use those big legs. Prioritize that drive because the more work your legs do, the less work your shoulder will have to.

“Clocking In” cals AB wall balls;
*ladies do
This workout is going to take a little time, so settle in and find a rhythm. Make sure you pace the bike enough to get off and get right on the wall balls. Big sets will obviously help you get to the finish line but are they the most productive approach. Like the T2B yesterday, finding out how you perform best as an athlete is a very individual aspect of training. Learning what might be the best strategy based on your strengths and weaknesses should help you create the best rep scheme.

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