Burn – Tuesday 7/23

How has the water challenge been going? The weather has been so hot, staying hydrated is super important.

2 minutes in Z1
Then, grab a barbell
10 KB deadlifts
10 Russian KBS
10 goblet squats
Spiderman, pigeon and/or hamstring stretch
8 KB deadlifts
8 Russian KBS
8 goblet squats
Spiderman, pigeon and/or hamstring stretch
6 KB deadlifts
6 American KBS
6 push press
Spiderman, pigeon and/or hamstring stretch

Burn Strength
3 rounds, no rest b/n sets, 2:00 between rounds
A1. Banded Russian KBS – 20
A2. Goblet lunges – 16t
A3. Elevated plank hold (feet on small box, elbows on med ball) – 1:00
Check out the PortMove channel. The banded KBS is set-up by wrapping the band around the handle of the KB similar to how you set it up for banded shoulder mobility. Then standing on the band like a banded good morning, swinging the KB to chest level. The biggest mistake athletes typically make here is overextending their back at the top. Really focus on squeezing your core at the top and staying stacked. The plank hold is just elevated with your feet on a small box and your elbows on the med ball. Stability will be tested.

5 rounds
12 push-ups
24 wall balls
36t walking lunges

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