The next PortFit class is…


CrossFit Portsmouth’s spin on a sweat session, using all the tools in the CFP repertoire minus the barbell, we will be doing longer, sweatier, crusher workouts aimed at maintaining a level of intensity that can be sustained for anywhere between 30 to 45 minutes. Heart rate monitors will be a requirement and pacing will be explained each and every session. The biggest goal for PortX is to teach you about your limits and how to tiptoe the line during these sweat-fests. But, because the barbell stays at home, speed is key.

Each Thursday the hour will consist of a short warm-up and mobility session followed a circuit style workout with a finish of 5 to 10 minutes of ab work. These sessions have a goal of high intensity but a focus on low volume. I want you to sweat here, but not be sore. If you are interested in signing up or would like a little more information, shoot me an email. Spots are already limited so act fast and see you next Thursday, March 16th at either our morning (8am) or evening (5:15pm) session.

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