**The Team Series**


Step 1 – Put together a team of four CFP athletes – two women & two men. There will be a SCALED & RX division.
Step 2 – As a team you will complete 8 team WODs in 8 weeks. Each week one WOD will be announced & your team has the whole week to complete the WOD & record your results in the Challenge Folder. Each WOD will be released Monday morning and you are required to get that workout done and recorded by the end of the day Friday. One group class will be dedicated to this team WOD. All 4 teammates must be present to complete the workout. You cannot do it separately and then add the scores together. You are allowed to come in and complete the WOD at any time as long as there is no class. It is far too distracting for a team of 4 people to be doing something completely different then the class WOD. Teams can be signed up as late as 9/16, but you must have the WOD done at that time as well.
Step 3 – Have fun and kick some ass. Good luck to all teams!

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