WOD and Burn – Friday 7/12

3 rounds
10/8 cals row
1 burpee w/5 push-ups
20t walking lunges
10 ring rows

Banded shoulder mobility

CF/Burn Strength
A1. Strict press – 6×4; build
A2. Double banded pull-downs – 6×8
A1 should be done from 70% and up.
A2 is done with two bands high on the rig. The bands need to be on the same pull-up bar and be the same resistance. Cross the bands so your left hand is holding the right band and the left band is in your right hand. Bend slightly forward and keep straight arms as you pull the bands towards your thighs.

“Swing of Things”
15 min AMRAP
75/65 cal AB buy-in
Then, increase by 3 every round
3 wall balls + 3 KBS (53/35#)(44/26#)
6 wall balls + 6 KBS
9 wall balls + 9 KBS
The buy-in will take a good deal of time off the clock so keep that in mind when approaching this workout. Come out a bit hotter in the beginning but as you get closer to finishing the cals, back off a bit and try to get the heart rate down. This will help you get off the bike and right into the couplet part of this workout. The KBS are a bit lighter today because they are full American swings. How far can you get? How long can you stay unbroken?

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