WOD – Friday 1/10

Quick dynamic warm-up
Then, PVC mobility as a class
CrossFitters, The Port snatch warm-up
Burners, grab the goods needed for your strength session

CF Strength
Power snatch – 1.1 clusters (:10/2:00)
Work up to a heavy weight for the day.
One power snatch, drop and reset, one power snatch. Add weight and rest 2:00. A great way to work on good form while getting stronger in the longest pull we do. So have a plan going into this one and try to complete 5 or 6 lifts over 75%.

In the past couple of months, we have tried to improve our overhead and catch position. Today that will be the major focus as well and bar position in the catch will be the next step in securing a good lift. Finishing with the bar just above the ears will help activate the lats and lock the bar into place. Often times the fault is allowing the bar to get too far behind our head which puts the shoulder at a dangerous angle and doesn’t allow for activation of the larger muscle groups. This requires your smaller shoulder muscles to do too much work and you won’t feel as strong overhead as you should. Keep that in mind when warming up the snatch and determine a good bar path and finish positioning from the bad.

“AMRAP Mentality”
15 min AMRAP
3 power snatches (115/75#)
10/8 cals AB
20 DU’s
After 5 minutes increase the weight to 135/95# and go to 2 reps
After 10 minutes increase the weight to 155/105# and go to 1 rep
*if you fail a double under, you must go back to 0
Intended stimulus – the snatches should be hard but each weight should be something that you can, and you should do unbroken. Do not load the bar to something moderately heavy in anticipation of just doing singles. It is not the point of the AMRAP today. With the double under, create a challenge based on your ability level. If they are still a struggle, try to get to 10 unbroken and if you screw up, start over at 10. Or make every 5 reps a checkpoint. Again, the goal of today is to not stress out about the DU’s and spend all day jumping rope, rather create a challenge that keeps you invested in a movement you might otherwise skip through.

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