WOD – Friday 10/21

At CrossFit Portsmouth, I emphasize the partner/team workout. I believe it is an important piece to our methodology. But why do we do partner workouts?

I have heard both sides of the argument. There is the group of people that like partner workouts because it pushes them to be better, to work a little harder, to rest a little bit less. The workouts are usually a little bit longer, take a little bit of strategy, and usually prove to be a little fun.
Others get nervous because they don’t want to let their partners down. They are afraid that if they do not move fast enough, their partner won’t get a good workout in. But the truth is a little more involved than that. Because of how partner workouts are set up, it allows for energy system work very similar to an interval workout with a 1:1 work/rest ratio. So while one partner works the other recovers; because of this recovery time, they can complete their work with a much higher intensity. So even if you take a little bit longer to finish your reps, your partner is getting more rest time and therefore can return to work with much more fuel in the tank to work that much harder.
Since, you trade work back and forth, the workouts can be much longer without a huge increase in volume. And because of our amazing community, every partner workout is supportive and motivating. Have fun with this one today, who’s going to finish first?

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 2 rounds of modified snatch W/U with coach
5 snatch grip deadlifts
5 hang high pulls
5 high hang muscle snatches
5 high hang power snatches
5 snatch balances

PVC mobility

Weightlifting EMOM – E:90 for 12:00
1 high hang snatch + 1 OHS
The next step in a progression. Those that cannot OHS should simply focus catching the HHS in the semi OHS position. Invest in perfect footwork; the feet outside hips, knees bent, head through and active shoulders. If you cannot OHS, then complete 2 HHS E:90

“Find Me”
With a partner
Buy in: 150 cals on rower
Then, 1 round AFAP
60 T2B
70  box jump overs
80 walking lunges
90 wall balls
100 KBS
Buy out: 200 DU’s
Good old American partner chipper. Work is split however they want, one partner working at a time, cannot move on until all work previous is finished. DU’s are total, not each.

Cool Down
5 minutes of banded shoulder and lax ball

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