WOD – Friday 2/22 – 19.1

So 19.1 is here and contrary to some of the open workouts in the past, this one is very approachable. We would have done something very similar to this one as a normal everyday workout. Depending on your strengths as an athlete, you can really push the pace in this one. Even if you have to break up the wall balls, a good score is totally possible.

Watching your pace on the row will be the most important thing. Try to hold something pretty high for you, catching your breath as you finish your calories. If wall balls are your jam, try to find a pace in them and get your breathing under control in your first few reps.

Spend 2 minutes on a rower
Then, 2 rounds
10 BB front squats
10 BB strict press
1 round
10 BB thrusters

Ankle, hip and quad mobility

6 min EMOM
Evens – 6 to 10 wall balls (build in numbers)
Odds – 6 to 10 calories on the rower (again, build)

CrossFit Games Open 19.1
15 min AMRAP
19 wall balls (20/14#)
19 cals row

Cool Down
Spend 4 minutes on a bike
Spend 2 minutes with a foam roller on your legs

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