WOD – Friday 5/10

3 rounds with a barbell and a jump rope
:30 of DU’s or DU practice
10 deadlifts/hang cleans/cleans
5 double push-up burpees
10 strict press/push press/push jerk

Mobility session to prep for olympic lifting

Power clean + Push jerk – build up to a heavy single for the day
No timed lifting, just you and a barbell. So treat this as a way to further your journey towards a goal. If you are comfortable with both movements, add weight when you hit a successful lift that is also technically sound. Earn your next weight.

If you are still getting comfortable with either of these movements, build to something challenging and them lifting on a clock, every minute or minute and a half. Get some reps in so you can improve your technique.

“Gimme Da Loot”
15 min AMRAP
10 burpee pull-ups with mixed grip
200m run
So fun. Those HSPU’s might have a little something to say about the burpee pull-ups. Or the burpee pull-ups might have an influence on your HSPU’s. Maybe even both. So be ready with a back-up plan.

Remember, you can only use a 10# plate and one abmat to scale the HSPU. If that doesn’t get you full range of motion, move to the next progression. With such a high skill and high strength movement, starting at the hardest possible scaling option and working backward as you start to fatigue is the best way to get better. See a coach for a good plan.

With the burpee pull-ups, make sure the set-up is done correctly, finding a bar that is one inch above your reach. Today we are using a mixed grip, so one hand will face front while the other faces back. This will help us keep our vision straight ahead because the hands coming towards each other is a gross motor skill whereas the hands swiping at the bar require your to look up and find the bar each time. Not to mention it is different and challenging. You guys know how much I like to keep you on your toes.

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