WOD – Friday 5/11

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, the Port glute activation series, x2
10 KB squat jumps
10 steps left/right with monster band
10 glute bridges (with band)
10 clams left/right

Banded hamstring mobility

Sumo deadlift w/2” deficit – find a 1RM
*less experienced athletes can perform 5×2 building in weight.
Stance is wider than your squat, outside the shoulders. Grip is narrow. Both hands on the border of the knurling. Make sure in the setup, the shins stay almost vertical. The Sumo DL is not only more efficient for developing the hips/posterior chain, but it is a much safer variation. Increase your Sumo DL and your Conventional Deadlift and your Back Squats numbers will invariably follow!

“Spin it”
15 min AMRAP
15 hang cleans (95/65#)
30 wall balls (20/14#)
60 DU’s

Accessory Work
3 or 4 rounds
20 banded pull-throughs
15 GHD sit-ups

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