WOD – Friday 5/5

Happy Cinco De Mayo! A holiday that I have been heavily traumatized by years of working as a bartender at Agave in Newburyport. However, being on the other side of it, I think I’ll have a margarita later.

10 minutes of Rowling
Round 1 – Squats
Round 2 – Sit-ups
Round 3 – Push-ups
Round 4 – Pull-ups
Round 5 – Burpees

Full dynamic mobility and prep for workout
As part of the mobility session, set up and work your way through a couple shortened round of the workout.

5 rounds
20t DB snatches
15 box jumps
20/17 cals on AB
10 C2B pull-ups
Rest 1:30 b/n rounds
No strength for today. All WOD. We are going to take the time to warm up each movement, going over the expectations of the workout and discussing scaling options at length. Not a tough WOD to set up, but might take you by surprise if we don’t put the time into making a plan.

Accessory Work
Back Squat – Week 4 Day 2
1×8@65%, 1×8@70%, 1×8@75%, and 1×8@80%

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