WOD – Friday 6/17

Warm up
2 minute in Z1 – run, bike, row, or knock out
3 rounds
10 med ball cleans
5 strict pull ups w/pause at the top
5 inchworms w/down dog

5 minutes of full on lax ball smashing – focus on feet, ankles, and calves. Then grab some wall space and get the shoulder.
PVC mobility w/a coach

OHS – find a 3RM + 1×3@90%
*OHS are back into our monthly programming. Focus on proper external rotation of the shoulders, bar placement and hip movement during the squat.

“Set to go”
30 min AMRAP
800m row
600m run
40 cals on AB
2 clean and jerks (AHAP; no Rx weight!)
*this WOD does not have an RX weight because I’d like you to determine for yourselves what “heavy” is to you. If you are having a real tough time committing to a weight, ask a coach for help.

Accessory Work
Body building session
10 bicep curls
10 OH tricep extensions
10 strict press

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