WOD – Friday 7/6

Normal schedule today.

We are going to change things up for the month of July. Each week we will release a mini AMRAP, :90 each. You can do this mini workout as many times as you want, but can only submit your best score. Once the week is over, you can no longer attempt that WOD, your score must be submitted and you must move on to the next one. After the three weeks are done, we can crown a champion based on the performance of all 3 WOD’s.
We will hold off starting these until after the holiday week, so…
Week 1 WOD – Monday 7/9 to Sunday 7/15 – Max burpees in :90
Week 2 WOD – Monday 7/16 to Sunday 7/22 – Max Cals on the assault bike in :90
Week 3 WOD – Monday 7/23 to Sunday 7/29 – Max DU’s in :90

Coach directed rowing warm-up
Just arms
Hips and arms
Half legs, hips and arms
Full strokes

Mobility between

300m row
Rest 1:30, x8
*same pace as 6/5
Building off last months intervals AND the main site WOD we did with ME sprints. Really focus on pace and the importance of consistency here. Warm-up with the rowing warm-up we’ve been doing. Make them set the rowers and let them at it.

Accessory Work
A1. Front squat – 5×3; heavier than last time. Think between 85 and 90%
A2. Banded leg curls – 5x25e
A little post-WOD strength session for those who want to get their squat on.

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