WOD – Monday 10/14

3 rounds
:45 on any machine
10 front squats
10 ring rows

Front squat mobility

CF Strength
Front squat – 5 reps E2:30
Sets 1 and 2 @65%
Sets 3 and 4 @70%
Sets 5 and 6 @75%
Adding weight to last week’s session.

“Turf and Surf”
16 min AMRAP
16t DB front rack lunges (50/35#)
12 ring rows
8 burpee box jump-overs
Intended stimulus – moments of high heart rate due to the time under tension in the lunges and the explosiveness required in the BBJO’s. Since weights are low find something you can do unbroken.
This workout was built to keep you moving. If you start pushing too hard you will have to take a break to catch your breath. If you maintain a good pace, the movements won’t affect one another as much as a typical workout. So keep your head down, keep your breathing under control and keep your breaks short. The DB front rack lunges are just that, they must be front rack.

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