WOD – Monday 10/8

A farmer set out one morning to feed his cow. On the way to the barn, he noticed that he had forgotten to
put his ax away the night before. He picked up the ax and headed for the tool shed, but on the way he
noticed that web worms had gotten into the peach tree. He dropped the ax and went to get paper to burn
out the worms.
As he picked up the paper, he remembered an important sale in town and went to his truck. When he
opened the garage, he noticed that one of the hinges was loose, so he headed back to the house to get his
hammer. On the way to the house, he heard the cow moo so he headed to the barn to feed the cow.

Did the cow get fed?

In the wise words of Ben Bergeron “Don’t multitask. Instead, Prioritize – Focus – Execute – Complete fully – Repeat.”

It is how we succeed.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
10 air squats – spidermen down/samson back
10 air squats – over the fence down/groiners back
10 air squats – inchworms down/duck walk back
10 air squats – ground scrapers down/tin soldiers back

The Port squat mobility

Back squat – 3×5*;
So everyone should be in their second week of 5’s, but because overall volume is so much lower than the 8’s, you could be more generous when adding weight from the week before. Unless you were really close to not making it to 5 reps in the max effort set, everyone should be adding 10 to 20# to their weight.

We shouldn’t have weight on the bar that’s allowing us to get 12+ reps in the ME set. If you are getting that many ME reps, we might be slightly missing the point. Rethink the plan and attack it head on.

“Deep Threat”
800m run buy in
2 rounds AFAP
20 front squats (135/95#)(115/75#)
20 OtB burpees
20 pull-ups
2 rounds of a cool triplet with an 800m run buy in. How does that run change the overall stimulus of the workout? How does that change your approach? Really dial in the weight on the bar and your scale for the pull-ups. Do not stop moving in this one.

Accessory Work
Banded face pulls – accumulate 100
Banded leg curls – accumulate 100
*double leg, laying down

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