WOD – Tuesday 12/3

Make sure you get in the habit of checking in with a coach if you plan on doing something different today. Scaling the workout, Swole session or even a recovery piece on a bike and some stretching. We are making an effort to make everything as seamless as possible for our classes, so your understanding is greatly appreciated.

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3 rounds, all with band above knee
:30 on AB
10 steps left
10 air squats
10 steps right
10 glute bridges

The Port squat mobility session

CF Strength
Back squat wave – 5.3.1
First wave – 1×5@70, 1×3@75, 1×1@80%
Second Wave – 1×5@75, 1×3@80, 1×1@85%
Third wave – 1×5@80, 1×3@85, 1×1@90%
The first wave of this squat session will determine whether or not these numbers are realistic for you. If you find the last single far too light, do not be afraid to add a bit of weight to the barbell for wave #2 and #3, however, understand that these wave formats are supposed to build upon each other. That means be ready for the weights to get heavy as you progress through. The only time I would recommend adding weight is if you have an outdated 1RM. If the weights are heavy in the first wave, back it off and save some for next week.

8 min AMRAP
5 S2OH (115/75#)(95/65#)
10 back squats
15 box jump-overs
Intended stimulus – short and fast. This one will be a sprint from the beginning because the weights are “light” the rep scheme is low and the time is short. So get into an uncomfortable pace from the beginning and try to hang on.

The box jump-overs directly after the back squats will prove to be tricky on the legs and play tricks on the mind so be smart when pulling out a box to use in this workout. Since the AMRAP is so short, finding equipment that allows you to keep moving is critical. Weight on the bar and height of the box should be well thought out before getting into it. I might even recommend a few practice rounds before making a final decision.

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