WOD – Monday 12/31

The last day of 2018. Meaning the last chance to work out in 2018. Finish this year strong and come in to squat and sweat. 9am, noon and 4:15 only.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 5 min AMRAP
15 air squats
10 KB deadlifts
10 slam balls
15 glute bridges

The Port squat mobility

Back squats – building up to a heavy double. If you want some additional volume, drop to 90% and complete 2×2 across.
The back squat, the front squat, the OHS and the box squat are all going to be major players in our programming weekly. Let’s make sure we understand how each one is important in our everyday training. The back squat builds our overall strength prioritizing the posterior chain. The front squat is a more quad dominant movement and clearly has a massive role in the squat clean. And the OHS doesn’t necessarily build leg strength but will really help overhead stability and will help build confidence in the squat snatch.

“Message in a Bottle”
3 rounds
500m row
50’ HS walk
15 hang squat cleans (95/65#)(75/55#)
Let’s take a step back and really work on getting upside down in a productive scaling option.
1. The bear crawl – the most basic scaling option. Doesn’t require people to be inverted but also requires a ton of the same shoulder strength and stability. Double the distance; 100’
2. Piked on a box – shoulder taps would be the first scale on a box, while walking around the box would be the second scaling option
3. HS holds – shoulder taps upside down; 20
4. Wall walks – 3 to 5; obviously the hardest of the scaling options.
*side note – I am glad I can HS walk, no way I’d want to do the walk walks.

Accessory Work
3 to 5 rounds
12/10 cals on the ski erg
10 to 15 push-ups

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