WOD – Monday 4/8

Our Murph prep training will continue for the next 5 weeks and during that time the PortComplete accessory work will be a little bit less involved. Hopefully will help you focus on your running and gymnastics so Memorial Day doesn’t come with such a shock. As you start to add in this volume, it is important you do the necessary things for your body to recover. Make sure you are doing your banded work, stretching well and drinking plenty of water.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds of increasing intensity
15 air squats (with pause)
5 inchworms

The Port squat mobility

CF Strength
A1. Back squat – 6×3; across (build on last week)
A2. Banded pull-throughs – accumulate 100t
Building on last week, meaning because there is an extra set (last week we did 5×3) you have two options. Try to stay at the same weight as last week and complete all six sets, or add weight to last week and complete all 6 sets with that. Either way, go in with a plan and accumulate some volume.

As you build in the squats start to decrease the reps in each set of the banded pull-throughs. Since you are to accumulate 100, do more as you are warming up and less when you are in your really heavy sets of back squats.

“Dunk Tank”
12 min AMRAP
10 strict HSPU’s
10 DB squats (50/35#)(40/25#)
20 sit-ups
This is one of those workouts that will find your weakness. Going overhead is sometimes very difficult for people, so 10 strict HSPU’s will certainly prove to be challenging. The Open taught us that much. Or if your legs are the weaker half, then the DB squats will be really hard. Some of us will even have a tough time keeping up with all the sit-ups. Push through your weaker parts and crush the pieces that you consider your strengths.

A. Murph Training
Complete a half Murph this week
1 mile run
50 pull-ups
100 push-ups
150 air squats
B. Body Building – 3 rounds, not for time
10 exercise ball hamstring curls
15 OH tricep extension
20 DB bench on exercise ball
25 GHD sit-ups
C. Banded work – accumulate 100 each
Banded pull-aparts
Banded leg curls

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