WOD – Monday 6/19

Here we go, the moment we have been working towards for 10 weeks. 1 rep max back squat day. Have an idea of what you’d like to hit and then build a plan around achieving that goal. Rep schemes will be everything here. Having a plan will put you in a good place to hit something new. Too many reps will wear you out before reaching that percentage, while too few reps won’t warm up the muscle fibers enough to move the weight you want. Be smart, talk to a coach and build a solid plan.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 2 or 3 rounds
5 false grip ring pull-ups or ring rows
10 HS or plank shoulder taps
10t KB Romanian deadlifts
10 KB goblet squat

CFP squat mobility session

Back squat – find a new 1RM
Make sure you know how to spot, or you know how to bail. One or the other. Preferably both.

3 rounds
200m row
10 burpees
20/18 cals AB
10 box jumps (24/20”)
*must step down
Fast and efficient. Should be the shortest WOD of the week. Think about getting under 12 minutes. Which means scaling the cals on the bike to a certain amount of time might be a good idea for some. In order for this WOD to be effective, you shouldn’t be spending any more than 1:00 working towards your calories.

Accessory Work
Beachbody work
3-5 rounds
20 banded tricep push-downs
15 GHD sit-ups
10 robots

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