WOD – Monday 9/24

Another week into our back squat strength cycle. You know the deal with this. The harder you work. The more you put into these week to week, the more you are going to get out of it.

PortBurn starts tomorrow. An alternative to your everyday CrossFit class. It is our version of a boot camp class. Longer, sweatier WOD’s that focus on keeping you moving and not on complex Olympic lifts. We will use everything in the gym except the barbell. So if you are looking to switch things up a couple times a week, or know someone who might want to try the Port without jumping right into CrossFit, PortBurn is going to rock. There are a few spots left for all 3 days. Email us if you have any questions.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 2 to 3 rounds
10 steps left/right with monster bands
10 glute bridges with monster band
10 air squats with monster band

Back squat mobility series; coaches choice

Back squat – 3×8*; add 5 to 10# based on your performance last week.

Some people will be going to sets of 5 this week. Even if that is the case, you need to add weight to last week and complete 2 sets of 5 and one max effort set that must be 5 or more. Just like the first 3 weeks, but the rep number has changed to allow them to continue to build in weight. People that are still hitting sets of 8 should keep doing so. You should not feel rushed in any way, and shouldn’t just go to sets of 5 because people in your class are. Keep pushing those extra reps at the end. 11 is better than 10, and 12 is better than 11. Like I said above, effort will produce results.

“Post Ride Snack”
8 min AMRAP
10/7 cals AB
10 wall balls (20/14#)
Ouch. Just a very, very fast WOD, however, a little bit of pacing will be required considering how fast some can accumulate 10/7 cals on the AB. Blowing up in the first 2 minutes won’t bode well for the last 6. This might be a good one to practice pacing and using the clock to keep you on a bit of a leash.

Accessory Work
Laying leg curls – accumulate 100
Plank hold, banded rows – accumulate 80

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